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Pool Heating

A swimming pool at your Spanish villa is wonderful. What could be better than to cool off in your swimming pool on a hot day. But in the spring and autumn the water is often still too cold, this is at the expense of enjoying. And that is unnecessary! Boosman poolservice's pool heating ensures that your pool has a pleasant temperature, on average you can have 5 to 8 degrees more than without heating. You and your family or your tenants can optimally enjoy the swimming pool.


Solar heating


-How does this pool heater work?

We connect the solar pool heating between your filter pump and your swimming pool. As a result, your swimming water is circulated through the black Sunstar mats. The sensors measure the difference in temperature and control the circulation pump as soon as the water in the mats is sufficiently heated. The heated water in the mats flows back to your pool. With this pool heating, you will be swimming pool water around 4 to 8 degrees warmer. The exact heating of your pool water depends on the number of sun hours, the location of the pool heating and important is the outside temperature and the temperature of the water. Of course, a correct cover is a great support to hold the temperature at night.


-Advantages of this pool heating

• Because this pool heating works on solar energy, it is an environmentally friendly way of heating.
• In contrast to the heat pumps, this heating does not provide extra energy costs.
• The Sunstar solar mats have a factory warranty of 10 years.
• The entire system is maintenance-free, and it can of course be turned off during high summer.
• The solar mats can be placed in various ways, on roofs, garages, but also against a wall or on a carport.
• You can purchase more mats to give the system even more heat.



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