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Salt Water System

More and more people are abandoning the traditional chlorine in tablets because of the many disadvantages, now good salt systems are on the market and many people are switching to this system. Not everyone knows exactly what the system exactly means, hence a small explanation. A saltwater system does not provide salt water, perhaps only a little. The water contains only a tenth of salt in comparison with seawater.


How it works

The system combines two steps to keep your pool water clean and safe.

1. The first is a non-observable amount of chlorine. This chlorine is produced from the special pool salt and is separated by a titanium electrolytic cell. The result is soft, clear and safe pool water, without suffering from dry skin and irritated eyes or skin.
2. As a second step, the Electro Catalysis Oxidation (E.C.O) system is applied. As a result, water molecules are split into strong oxidants, which remove organic matter. Think of skin fats, sweat, algae, etc. This system is so effective that the amount of chlorine needed is reduced to 60% compared to older salt water systems.

Re-generating system

The saltwater system will always produces chlorine from the salt that is present in the water. During the swimming season, it may be necessary to supplement the salt in the pool. This is the salt that has gone out of the pool, for example, when flushing the filter. Occasionally salt will have to be added. However, this depends on various conditions (temperature, amount of swimmers etc.)


With this salt water system, floating algae, which make the water turbid and green, will no longer stand a chance. The algae are destroyed in a responsible manner.


The saltwater system can simply be connected between your existing swimming pool pump. Depending on the amount of water in your pool, a system will be chosen with the right capacity. We only supply IdEgis systems with which we have very good experience.


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