Since 1996

Intensive maintenance

Once every 7 to 10 years the water will have to be removed from your pool so that the tiles can be re-inserted and possibly loose or damaged tiles can be restored. Any cracks that may arise can also be sealed. These types of jobs usually take place in the wintertime so that extreme heat does not affect the quality of our work on drying times ect. 

Your pool is sprayed with high pressure to remove old joints and cement residues as optimally as possible. The joints are then re-washed with a specially designed grout. The right color mosaic tile is sought and plastic grates etc. replaced. We almost always replace the sand in the filter so that we start again with fresh water and filter system! We also see if old cranes need to be replaced. When all work is finished, we will fill your swimming pool with water trucks and / or with tap water.

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